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In the information age, the real driver of economies, corporates, and commerce is research and knowledge, delivered in a digestible fashion.

The knowledge, information, and trends that GRM Intelligence gather is not common knowledge.

Our reports encapsulate the national psyche and present an accurate picture of what is happening on the ground.

GRM Intelligence can find out what’s going on in any sector in any African country and predict what you need to do to capitalise on the mammoth business opportunities across Africa. 


And one of our Analysts will get back to you within 24 hours.

Our Services

The cornerstone of what has made GRM a multi-award-winning group is our commitment to research, analytics and delivery. 

We offer customisable reports, business intelligence and advisory services, across the business landscape of the African continent.

If you want to know what is really happening on the ground, where the business opportunities are, whom you should be speaking to and what the national psyche is, across every African country, speak to GRMI today.

Email Rayne Handley as a starting point on 


For clients who want an accurate exploration of any sector in any country. Our data offers a detailed account of what is actually happening on the ground.


We can map out clients, competitors, talent in any City, in any Country in Africa - giving you accurate financial data, personality data, and culture fit.


We have completed a large number of compensation benchmarking reports - benchmarking salaries, bonus structures, and targets.


Market Entry Analysis - M&A Advisory - Audits and consultancy

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Unlimited scale

Your project, your choice. You decide on the scale and complexity of the research that you need us to deliver.

Multi-level Analysis

Our projects over three levels of analysis; macro, meso, and micro. Offering you the advantage of the big picture as well as all the details.

Complete customisability

Your research project is entirely customisable and you can personalise the contents of the report to best meet your business needs. Your solution, your report, your business, your choice. We make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for and leave out anything you don’t need.

Pan-African reach

Our statistics, insights and ongoing research initiatives in all 54 countries in Africa have assisted our clients to deliver performance gains, competitive advantage, and new revenue streams. If you are thinking of doing business in Africa, speak to us first.

The best talent

Our analysts and researchers are rigorously vetted and collectively have all the research and analysis capabilities you could ever need.

The best tools

We have recently partnered with InterProvise, their IP platform is a new-to-the-world, award-nominated artificial intelligence, machine-learning-based predictive and management analytics platform aimed at optimising business strategies across a range of industries. IP employs the power of the latest big-data techniques to provide real-time analytics from real-time data collection.