About Us

Possibly the greatest challenge facing organisations in the war for opportunity, is the lack of credible and reliable data that is available in Africa.

Africa is made up of 54 countries, each with complex legal and political systems. Each country has its own traditions, languages, people and opportunities. We are the strategic experts you need to navigate and compete in Africa. 

GRM Intelligence is not merely an observer to the African market-entry trend, having ventured into Africa almost 5 years ago with the establishment of two African offices. 

We have successfully adapted to this unique market and have assisted countless firms from over 30 countries across 5 continents working in a plethora of industries. 

Through a combination of traditional methods and our AI/Machine Learning People Analytics platform, we offer our clients market-leading solutions that help you capitalise on the business opportunities there are in Africa.

This research and business intelligence has assisted many international firms launch new offices, teams and strengthen existing offerings. We have assisted our clients to better understand their markets, identify opportunities, and demystify the complexity of Africa. 

At GRM Intelligence we are constantly striving to bring our clients innovative solutions to their human, business operational and strategic needs.

What makes us different?

Each firm is unique and faces its own unique challenges and has its own unique aspirations and goals. So why would we try sell you a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution? 

GRM Intelligence celebrates your firm’s unique position and consequently allows you complete control of your research project. You can determine the scale, complexity, and scope of your project and we handle the rest. 

We offer a hassle-free service. No mess, no fuss. We sell solutions and ideas and get things done, helping you focus your efforts on what’s important. We work as a partner, keeping your best interests at heart.

Our research is collected through continuous daily fact-finding and uncovering unusual correlations and deviations, as well as on the ground relationships with many 100’s of locally used professionals. We investigate the national psyche and portray what is actually happening on the ground day-by-day.

Within our data lies insight into best practice or the best route to deliver the optimal outcomes for your firm. GRM Intelligence can find out what’s going on in any sector in any African country and predict what you need to do to elevate your firm to the next level. 

To find out what else makes us different, contact us today at r.handley@grmintelligence.com

We are curious

  • We are inquisitive and relentless in our pursuit of understanding.
  • We are innovative and open-minded.
  • We embrace change and initiate it, for ourselves and our clients.
  • We are determined to learn and grow.

We are tenacious

  • We are driven, dedicated and goal-orientated.
  • We strive for excellence and never give up.
  • We are ambitious. 
  • We create opportunities.

We are your reliable partner

  • We deliver no matter what.
  • We are optimistic visionaries.
  • We are honest, accountable & dependable.
  • We are objective and transparent.

Our collective capabilities at your fingertips

  1. We can give you access to our world-class statisticians and data scientists, who work in collaboration with highly qualified researchers to give our stats an applied research outlook.
  2. We have years of experience in both qualitative & quantitative research methodologies. We can handle everything from data collection, data extraction and data mining, data manipulation, & data visualisation.
  3. We can offer you modelling – economic, statistical, financial –  predictive analytics & forecasting.  
  4. Cross-Cultural & intercultural dynamics from a psychology, anthropology, and sociology perspective

Our methodology

Real time verified information

Our methodology gives a unique understanding of the market in which our clients operate.

Our reports include real-time verified information producing a full landscape around your research needs. We focus on fact finding and business intelligence gathering to provide you with key insights to make informed, accurate decisions.

We prioritise detailed and useful information that enable evidence-based business decisions to suit your needs.

Our research philosophy

We commit to following a rigorous, objective and systematic process to explore a country, a market, or an organisation.

All our ongoing and mandated research upholds the principles of scientific knowledge:

  1. Systematic observation rather than selective or accidental observations, 
  2. Data is collected in a controlled manner, 
  3. Research that is replicable.


We guarantee top-notch, world-class, research that is credible, reliable, confirmable, and dependable.

High quality – fast turnaround

We aim to provide world-class research and advisory solutions whilst being cost-effective. We give you a resource intensive service where you have a vast network of top-tier talent and networks backed by leading technology at your disposal. 

Every reasonable effort is always made to maintain data integrity and provide accurate and useful information within our given time constraints while driving down unnecessary costs.  

This high quality – low cost – fast turnaround approach means our research reports allow you to maintain competitiveness within your sector. 

Ethical & Sustainable Solutions

GRM is committed to gathering, analysing and reporting the most accurate information on human capital trends. In order to do this all gathered information is treated with the strictest confidentiality to ensure that we protect the anonymity of both our candidates and our clients.

GRM Intelligence has signed and upheld numerous non-disclosure agreements, memorandums of understanding, and ‘hands-off’ agreements. In order to deliver meaningful research and advisory work we emphasise collaboration, transparency, and trust with our clients, advisors, and information networks.

Our methodology is always to do no harm, we aim to uplift, solve, build, and grow. We conduct our research and ourselves ethically and sustainably.

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