Comprehensive compensation benchmarking

We have completed a large number of compensation benchmarking reports – benchmarking salaries, bonus structures, and targets from Executives down to admin staff.

Understanding competitor analytics is vital in establishing not only what your competitors are doing, but what makes your firm’s services unique. 

This then enables an appropriate remuneration strategy to be put in place that ensures you are attracting and retaining the right target market specific to your offering.

Our performance reporting and benchmarking service provides business intelligence for our clients to measure the performance of their internal remuneration landscape and compare this to the external market.

Scope decisions are yours to make:

1) The compensation and performance management (if you like) factors to include: 

  • Base salary
  • Bonuses and benefits (financial, non-financial, and alternative compensation schemes)
  • Performance compensation received
  • Performance compensation structure
  • Average working hours
  • And more

2) Competitor groups to be benchmarked against

3) Job level & positions to include:

  • Levels of seniority
  • Departments
  • Positions

4) Geographic analysis:

  • Nation-wide averages
  • City-specific analysis, i.e. geographical differences in data may emerge

5) Statistical benchmarking analysis options:

  • Highly recommended
    • Median (50th Percentile)
    • Mean (or average)
    • 25th and 75th percentiles
  • Additional options
    • Mode (most frequent)
    • Measures of dispersion
    • Ranges (overall or interquartile)
    • Standard deviation
    • Variance
    • Skew

6) Optional qualitative analysis

  • Market perceptions of the firm:
    • Asking candidates in the market if they would consider moving to your firm and if so/not to provide reasons
    • Asking previously employed professionals why they left

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We have completed a large number of compensation benchmarking reports - benchmarking salaries, bonus structures, and targets.


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