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Market Entry

We have assisted numerous firms to enter new markets, most notably we assisted Pinsent Masons and Hong Kong Telecom’s moves into the African market and Robeco Asset Management and DaVita Pharma’s moves into the Singaporean market. 

We have supported many firms enter new markets, in many industries, in many cities. We cover everything; feasibility studies, market maps, recruitment, payroll and onboarding.

Our counsel is regularly sought by our clients who are looking to open offices in new markets (especially emerging and frontier markets).

We explore the most lucrative markets to enter and compare and contrast these options in order to identify your entry point.

We evaluate options for market entry.

  1. Merge with a local firm; or
  2. Acquire a local firm; or
  3. Establish independent new offices; or
  4. Establish “mutually beneficial” alliances; or
  5. Foreign distant service offering.

We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies and use our deep global network to execute your market entry strategy, guiding and assisting you along the way. 

We predict and forecast to maximise your opportunities and mitigate your risk. But not to worry, we handle the surprises and unforeseen challenges along the way to make your market entry a success.

GRM Intelligence has the insights you want, to help you gain market share.

Our market entry reports steer clear of being surface level and superficial. We tell the story of a market and sector. We speak to all key stakeholders and paint a true picture of what to expect day-to-day. What are the true, unique challenges to each country, city, sector, and service or product? In our reports we portray to you the national psyche, upon reading the concluding remarks you will feel like you are there already.


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Our Services

The cornerstone of what has made GRM Intelligence a multi-award-winning brand is our commitment to research, analytics and delivery. 

We offer customisable reports, business intelligence and advisory services.

If you really want to know what is happening on the ground, where the business opportunities are, whom you should be speaking to and what the national psyche is, across every African country, speak to GRMI.


For clients who want an accurate exploration of any sector in any country. Our data offers a detailed account of what is actually happening on the ground.


We can map out clients, competitors, talent in any City, in any Country in Africa - giving you accurate financial data, personality data, and culture fit.


We have completed a large number of compensation benchmarking reports - benchmarking salaries, bonus structures, and targets.


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