market landscape reports

Market landscape reports

For clients who want an accurate exploration of any sector in any country. These reports offer a detailed account of what is actually happening on the ground and encapsulate the national psyche. 

Our market landscape reports contain verified, critical business insights key for business development and market engagement, of any degree, on the African continent. We map out opportunities and risks, analyse the ease of doing business, portray key developments, and more – your report, you choose what you want to see.

We have statistics, insights and ongoing research initiatives in all 54 countries in Africa.

Whilst we are known for our work in the legal industry, we can also turn our research skills to many other professional sectors.

Our knowledge base covers all three levels of analysis:

Macro – large scale or broad analysis, for instance, the economy, politics or sociology of a country or continent as well as interactions between or comparisons across nations: 

  • Economic, political, social, environmental, legal, technological, cultural/ethnic overview
  • Geopolitical overview
  • Governance and regulatory factors
  • Country comparisons
  • Legal disruptions on the continent: AI and Legal tech in Africa, LPOs in Africa, Gender in Africa Law etc.

Meso – falls between the micro- and macro-levels, for example, analysis into a community, team or organisation:

  • Deal flow & specialisation hotspot predictions through analysis of infrastructure, FDI, M&A, private equity, development finance, project finance, oil & gas, mining etc.
    • Overview of the current legal system
    • Current talent synopsis – population, standard of primary & tertiary education
    • How easy is it to set-up a law firm?
    • Local/international law firm mapping (city/country)
    • Africa growth strategy

Micro – the smallest level of analysis, referring to the individual or a small group of individuals in a particular social context:

  • Legal talent mapping (city/county/firm/practice area)
  • Leverage our network: Contacts, affiliates clients & more
  • Partner & Associate search, including team moves
    • Qualifying, CV screening & interviewing outsourcing
    • Research/audits/articles for clients and candidates on all aspects of the recruitment cycle, talent management, and career transition

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Our Services

The cornerstone of what has made GRM Intelligence a multi-award-winning brand is our commitment to research, analytics and delivery. 

We offer customisable reports, business intelligence and advisory services.

If you really want to know what is happening on the ground, where the business opportunities are, whom you should be speaking to and what the national psyche is, across every African country, speak to GRMI.


For clients who want an accurate exploration of any sector in any country. Our data offers a detailed account of what is actually happening on the ground.


We can map out clients, competitors, talent in any City, in any Country in Africa - giving you accurate financial data, personality data, and culture fit.


We have completed a large number of compensation benchmarking reports - benchmarking salaries, bonus structures, and targets.


Market Entry Analysis - M&A Advisory - Audits and consultancy.